Trust me,you gonna fall in love with Tong Pak Fu!

Good news for dessert lovers! One of the most popular dessert shop in Hong Kong came to Malaysia set up their business. Basically Tong Pak Fu offer variety of dessert, such as mouth-watering ice floss, red bead soup, western dessert as well as light snack. Well, I have been there for few times, the environment is kinda cossy and the crew are really friendly. Frankly speaking, I love their horlick flavour ice floss and black sesame glutinous ball. And the taste is still lingering in my mind. Do scroll down and have a look on these mouth-watering dessert.

Manggo sago

Milk flavoured ice floss

Horlick flavoured ice floss and chocolate flavoured ice floss

Coffee flavoured ice floss

Black sesame glutinous ball

Well, feel like try it right? Visit their outlet now! Have a nice day :)



, midvalley megamall,kuala lumpur